The history of the establishment of the Department of the Treasurer UPSI starting as early as the establishment of UPSI which is about a month in July of 1997. En . Yusof bin Semahil , Deputy Treasurer of Universiti Putra Malaysia, Terengganu Branch has been lent to UPSI to establish the UPSI Treasurer’s Department . He then had become treasurer of the Department Treasurer of UPSI. As a leader in the establishment of the Department of the Treasurer are many things important to have him do to ensure the operation of UPSI in stages beginning to walk with the smooth . 

En . Yusof was ‘m taking the initiative to draw up rules of Finance and Accounting UPSI to be basic and referral activities of accounting and management of UPSI. It continues to be used in UPSI financial management to this day .  

Apart from drawing up rules of Finance and Accounting UPSI, between things start to be made by Mr . Yusof was looking for a system of accounting computerized which correspond to recording and processing operations accounting department treasurer . The system of accounting that was first used in the Department of the Treasurer in the year 1997 is the Integrated Accounting Systems (Intacs) are supplied by the company NK Systems Sdn Bhd. This system greatly facilitates the operations of the Treasurer’s Department and is constantly being refined and improved from time to time .    

On December 16 , 1997 Pn . Khadijah bint Hamdan was reported themselves as Deputy Treasurer of UPSI and his arrival to the Department this has been established again operating the Department of the Treasurer . He is responsible for helping Mr. En . Yusof is in charge of the Treasury Department of UPSI. Prior to moving to UPSI, he was an Assistant Treasurer in the Treasurer’s Department , University Putra Malaysia (UPM). The experience and knowledge that is acquired by him in UPM much used to organize the administration and operation of the entire Department of the Treasurer in order to be able to walk with more smoothly . En . Yusof and tolerances . Khadijah much practice procedures , forms and systems of work that is practiced in the UPM to the Department Treasurer UPSI because the system work is already proven effective implemented in UPM.        

Starting July 1997, there were payments such as salaries , supplies and works maintenance that began to be paid by the Department of the Treasurer UPSI. Follow-up of the specialization of labor and troubleshooting tasks made from time to time to allow the administration and management of the Department of the Treasurer running with more smoothly in accordance with the development of UPSI own that grow with rates that quickly .

Starting in 2005, the Department of the Treasurer to use the system information of integrated are named UPSI Integrated Management System, Financial Information System UIMS-FIS) or System Management Integrated UPSI to integrate all systems management that there was such a system of financialsystem information of students the system of salaries and so on in a single parent system .        

System Management Integrated has seven (7) application key , namely : –

  • Academic Information System and Student Records
  • Financial Information System
  • Administration and Human Resource Information System
  • System Information Development and Management of Real Thing
  • Graduate Student Information System
  • Community Portal Information System
  • Electronic Learning Information System

System Information Financial (UIMS-FIS) is one of the applications in System Information Integrated and the application of the most early undertaken for comprehensive namely on 2 January 2005. It consists of 11 modules , namely : –

  1. Budget (Budgeting)
  2. Purchasing / Procurement ( Purchasing)
  3. Payment (Account Payable)
  4. Front (Accounts Receivable)
  5. Management Property , Plant and Equipment / Inventory (Asset / Inventory)
  6. Management Store (Store Management)
  7. Ledger General (General Ledger)
  8. Management Cash (Cash Management)
  9. Loans (Loan Management)
  10. Salary
  11. Management Information System (MIS)

It complies with the standards set out in the Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies ( SAGA). System Info Finance is able to meet the four objectives of the following : –  

  1. Provides ease of maintenance of a set of accounts that are complete and up to date
  2. Enables the account is closed every day
  3. Providing facilities accounting management of finance with more good
  4. Provide reports of pre -audit exactly at the time specified .

Currently , the Treasurer’s Department is run by a Treasurer , Pn . Khadijah bt Hamdan and assisted by two Deputy Treasurer , 8 Assistant Treasurer and staffed by 42 personnel support . There are 8 units in areas that are determined, namely : –

  1. Administration , Finance & Quality Unit ,
  2. Payment Unit
  3. Asset , Store and Development Unit
  4. Unit Salaries , Holidays Learning and Ticketing
  5. Unit Comp . Money and Loans
  6. Procurement and Contract Management Unit
  7. Account , MIS and Budget Units
  8. Student and College Finance Unit

Updating the structure of the administration and the increase in staff this has been established again the management and operations of the Department of the Treasurer to go with a more robust explore the challenges of the new ones to come .

In order to increase automation and atmosphere work electronically, the Department of the Treasurer has introduced many applications for online ( online ) to the staff at the MyUPSI Portal. How this was to save energy work , time and the use of paper . Among the facilities that can be enjoyed by employees of the University through the portal are : –  

  • Features Print Slip Salaries and Statement of Income (Form EC) Staff UPSI can check and print and save for softcopy Slip Salaries and Statement of Income ( EC Form ) per month and year . 
  • Checking the status of claim payments through MyUPSI Portal Staff UPSI can check and find out the status of claim payments as there were made using a check or transfer electronically in MyUPSI Portal. 
  • Apply for government loan facility for computers and vehicles and check for loan balance . Staff UPSI can make an application for the online ( online ) for the convenience of borrowing governments to computers and vehicles . The status of the application can also be checked on the MyUPSI Portal once the application is processed by the Treasurer’s Department . The staff can make the calculation of installments monthly for the loan at any computer or vehicle in MyUPSI Portal. Staff UPSI can make revision of the remaining loan of vehicles or computers available there in MyUPSI Portal.
  • Applicant claims imprest money retail online UPSI must make application claims imprest money retail for the online ( online ). Revised application can be reviewed in MyUPSI portal after the application is processed by the Department of the Treasurer .
  • Application help charity online staff and student UPSI can make application help charity for the online ( online ) through MyUPSI Portal.
  • The application claims the work is more time-line staff need to make demands of work over time through MyUPSI Portal and any claim should have consulted the work of the officials who are responsible .
  • Employee online travel claim application Employees must make multiple and multiple travel payment claims through the MyUPSI Portal. Checking the status of the application can be checked in MyUPSI portal after the application is submitted to the Department of the Treasurer .
  • The application claims the advance themselves online

Staff need to make a claim advance themselves through MyUPSI Portal. Checking the status of the application can be checked in MyUPSI portal after the application is submitted to the Department of the Treasurer .

From time to time the Treasury Department will continue to introduce financial management innovations through the MyUPSI application portal. Department Treasurer committed in order to provide services of the best to its customers and strive hard to improve the quality of service that is provided .


Becomes a leading University financial manager and provides top financial and accounting services in realizing the University’s vision and mission.


Provide financial resources for the activities of the University and ensure that such resources are obtained, expended and accounted for efficiently as provided by the University’s financial policies, policies and regulations.


The Treasurer’s Department is committed to being a successful and high quality department of continuous and quality University financial management and management to meet Stakeholder needs and customer satisfaction.


Effectively manages all budget application and budgeting processes according to the deadline by submitting the budget application format (ABM and ABP) to the Ministry of Higher Education before / on March 31 each year and distributing the Government approved budget by the UPSI Budget Committee to each previous Budget / December 31st of each year.


Ensure that procurement process management is managed in accordance with procedures set by the Government and adheres to the following deadlines: –

The tender process is completed within 90 working days of the complete application received until the issuance of the letter of approval.
The official quotation process is completed within 80 working days from the complete application received until the issuance of the letter of approval.
The minor quotation process is completed within 20 working days from the date the complete application is received until the purchase order is issued.
The purchase order process is completed within 5 business days of receiving the completed application.


100% of staff / supplier payment claim requests are completed within 14 days from the date the bill and complete payment document are received.
100% of personal loan / loan repayments are completed within 7 days from the date the bill is complete and payment is received.


85% of customers seeking services in the Treasury Department are satisfied with the services provided.


100% of Treasury Department staff must complete 12 hours of specialized CPD credit.